Exploration drill rigs are especially manufactured and designed for geothermal projects and construction markets. Exploration drill rigs are used for geothermal jobs, mineral exploration, geotechnical and environmental drilling, utility and construction work and a varied range of other diverse applications.

The geothermal exploration drilling rigs offer contractors and drilling companies the most comfortable and efficient drilling environment. Most of the geothermal systems need vertical exploration drilling rigs until and unless the design and location permit for the horizontal installation.

The properties of soil and thermal performance of the rocks differ widely. Geothermal system’s size and conditions of ground at installation site dictate the dept of trenching or drilling. These variations point out the importance of accurate estimate before the geothermal loop designs can be decided upon.

The water well drilling rigs that are used can play a great role in ultimate price tag of the whole geothermal system. It is true that a drilling contractor who has an experience of many years can execute all necessary piping and drilling within few hours time with the superior quality water well drill rigs. But if the same drilling contractor is provided with inferior quality geothermal drilling equipments, the contractor will require many days for completing the same task, increasing costs exponentially.

There are many companies that manufacture drilling equipments. While choosing the drilling equipments you should always choose the high quality drilling rigs. Many companies design, conceive and manufacture their own water well drilling equipment, continually setting the performance standard in the drilling industry.

The main objective of such companies is satisfying the needs of their customers with regards to the performance of the geothermal drilling rigs, its safety, reliability and obviously the cost reduction. These companies can achieve all these things by specifically custom engineering their rigs as geothermal drilling units.

The GT/GWT Series geothermal drill rigs have been proved to be the most suitable for GSHP (ground source heat pump). The demands of GSHP are emerging rapidly in the geothermal industry. GT/GWT series geothermal drilling rigs can drill quite fast up to 1200 ft just to enable quick installation of closed GSHP loop of geothermal system. GT/GWT series drill rigs are significantly smaller than typical drill unit. They are suitable for accessing the limited space sites and difficult terrains.

GSHP is also known as Geothermal Heat Pumps. GSHP are electrically powered cooling and heating systems that transfer heat from and to earth through refrigeration process. The GSHP are in operation for 40 years. They operate on same principle like that of the air conditioner and household refrigerator.

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